5 thoughts on “Universal Joystick USB Interface

  1. Sweet, l built the gamecube/n64 version of his adaptor yesterday, and the day before that l made his Playstation version. l am considering making a housing with an included parallel connector for programming and all extra pins on headers (like a minimal arduino clone), just so l can use one board for whatever adaptor l need. lf l knew a little more l would experiment with storing multiple banks of code and a method to switch to the correct one.

    l only have one problem with this implementation, no potentiometer support for the x/y axis, see http://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/howto/mind.htm for what l have in mind. lt would be great if this simple controller version supported only 2 axis (or if l had a clue about C so I could tweak the code).

    The plan is to put a DualShock joystick into a digital psx pad instead of the d-pad, thus making the perfect controller, slim, light, and with a stick you can actually use. 90° control of a stick with a hyper-extended thumb is not my idea of ergonomics sony!

    lt is really too bad, the sony digital pad is my all-time favorite gamepad, l use it on everything from my pc to my xbox to my gamecube, don’t yet have the dreamcast adaptor, too expensive.

  2. Hey, more news from the front lines, an implementation for retro controllers:


    * Atari / Commodore style joysticks, up to three buttons
    * Sega Saturn controllers
    * Sega Mega Drive controllers with 3 buttons
    * Sega SG-1000 Mark III / Master System controllers
    * Nintendo Famicom / NES controllers
    * Nintendo Super Famicom / SNES controllers”

  3. That’s nice, but for those of us with 10 thumbs, this is a better alternative:


    They have Atari styled joysticks all ready to go brand new and it has an expansion header inside for wiring up extra buttons and such and hey for $16 man you can’t beat that!

    I saw that the guy doing these is now talking about a Commodore version next.

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