X2Wii, NES/SNES/N64 To Wii Adapter

If you poke around [Raphaël]’s site, the creator of today’s featured hack, you’ll find a lot of interesting projects. X2Wii is an ongoing project to adapt controllers from earlier console generations so they work with the Wii’s GameCube ports. He adapted his Multiuse tiny1 which uses an ATmega8. The code is all assembly so the microcontroller can keep up with the protocol. Definitely check out [Raphaël]’s other project pages.

3 thoughts on “X2Wii, NES/SNES/N64 To Wii Adapter

  1. Does the GC port work with all VC titles? I mean, it would suck to do all that work to hook up e.g. an SNES controller, then be stuck without support in your favorite SNES games…

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