Easiest Rock Band To MIDI Setup Yet

We have news for those of you dismissing the new Wii Version of Rock Band. Sure, the lack of DLC is a huge factor, but if you’re looking to use the instruments with MIDI software, [Jordan Balagot] has found what may be the easiest way. Since the Wii instruments are connected via USB, they are easy to connect to a computer. [Balagot] used a program called junXion that is a data routing app for OS X. JunXion can take any USB human interface device and remap the buttons, making it easy to set up the drums as a MIDI input device in an intuitive way. Install junXion, plug in the drums, map the pads, and rock out.

[via Create Digital Music]

19 thoughts on “Easiest Rock Band To MIDI Setup Yet

  1. not to rain on anyone’s parade, but don’t all rockband drum kits use usb? at least the 360 and ps3 ones do, and neither this or the article make any claim as to why the wii has easier drums to convert.

  2. Usb2Midi – i used to use it with the DM2 Mixman controller a very long time ago. Any USB device can be mapped to midi, I dont really consider this a hack or even news…..

  3. But USB is an industry standard, how could the wii essentially be plug and play when all 4 consoles(xbox 360, ps3, wii and the ps2) use USB for the game controllers, the drivers are loaded when you run the disc in the console. Same thing for the pc.

  4. special hardware.

    Its why you cant plug a usb 360 controller in and have it work as a generic pad. You have to have the drivers. With the Wii they are most likely using commercial / generic hardware that allows the system to recog the device. Hey why dont grab a kit from another console and try it out?

    1. I actually didn’t notice what you were wearing, but now that I watch it again, it suits you well. Not sure why everyones freaking out…

      Im hoping you can help with one little thing.

      Im all set up, but my kick pedal sends a 127 velocity when it’s UP, and when I press it DOWN, it’s a 0 velocity signal. I either need to invert the signal or the reaction, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

      Any help would be appreciated!


  5. WTF is this shit. Disreguard whatever he/she is talking about. I mean, come on. I think “it” had 12 year old tits coming in. Thius crap should be kept to oneselve. Damn interwebs.

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