Cheap ARM Color LCD Platform

Today, [sprite_tm] let us in on one of his pet projects. This is an inexpensive portable game platform runs about $50 and happens to use an ARM CPU and a 320×240 color LCD. Because it’s so cheap, he’s been working on reverse engineering the thing and there’s already a proof of concept homebrew version of Pong out for it.
Update: Yeah, yeah – title’s fixed.

6 thoughts on “Cheap ARM Color LCD Platform

  1. Nice, we’ve been doing the same for Blackfin PMPs. I do know another guy who got his own code running on this same ARM PMP a while ago, but he lost interest after he worked out how the hardware worked so it’s good to see somebody else doing it :P.

  2. Now this is what I’d like to see more of, the documentation of undocumented hardware.. and then, writing software for said hardware.

    Would any of you kind people know more projects like this? where the progress is logged/blogged/documented? :)

    *geek-out orgasm commencing*

  3. Yhea, reverse engineering projects for these kinds of things are awesome. The best of these projects are usually mp3 players and routers, check out Rockbox for example. There’s also the gameboy series which are fully documented by hackers. There’s plenty out there, these are just a few examples.

  4. Brilliant! The buggy firmware is really the only thing that keeps these devices from being AMAZING. I have a JXD Meizu-clone that has unbeatable hardware (video capture, for one), but the OS is a bit lacking in more than a few places.

  5. @Geek505: check out – lots of projects documented/started there. A bit dead at the moment, but when something new and interesting to potentially run Linux on or, as is more common lately, some embedded device running Linux already to be opened up for other uses, comes along, they’ll light back up.

    Check out the Mattel Juicebox forum at the bottom for a similar hacking effort to the one posted. Definately read the post with 128 replies on page 3, as this was the master thread for figuring things out, prior to it being rolled off into a dedicated forum for the device.

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