Black Hat 2008: What’s Next For Firefox Security

Mozilla security chief [Window Snyder] made some surprising announcements about Firefox Next, Mozilla’s next major browser overhaul. In her chat at the Black Hat security conference, she introduced three new initiatives that focused on threat modeling, training, and vulnerability metrics. For the threat modeling initiative, she’s hired Matasano Security consultants to review Firefox’s code for weaknesses and recommend mitigation tactics to protect the browser from hacker attacks. This isn’t inherently unusual; what is abnormal is that the information, once the work is done, will be revealed to the public. The training initiative will have IOActive trainers working with Mozilla engineers on secure computer programming practices. At the end, according to [Snyder], online versions of the classes will be released to the public, along with the class materials. The last initiative revolves around security metrics, and is already in progress. Essentially, the project will ideally take the focus off of patch-counting and provide a better assessment of security and vulnerability issues. [Snyder] says “We’re in the early phase, working on incorporating feedback from the rest of the industry.” She also reveals some more Firefox developments, including possibly incorporating NoScript into the core browser and implementing protected mode, but they’re still a long way from becoming standard features.

23 thoughts on “Black Hat 2008: What’s Next For Firefox Security

  1. Whoa, noscript in the core? That would be seriously awesome and bypass some of the dance the extension has to do to get it to work (though ff3 improved things). I wonder if they’re going to make adblock+ features more integrated — blocking things from known-bad and user-defined hosts would be much easier that way. in fact, that could replace the first few extensions that I install before I actually use the browser…

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  3. Uh… seriously: What role does the race play here? If you said “None”, you got it right.

    Now, adding security is a good thing. But IMHO the mozilla project should also pay attention to quite some other things, e.g. stability, speed, memory consumption, protection against badly written extensions and plugins, proper multithreading, …

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  6. Matasano Security is the firm that ‘accidentally’ leaked the DNS exploit details on their blog and then pulled it down and apologized, saying they meant to “only post it after someone ELSE leaked it”, right?

    great…now firefox is gonna get a LeakThis! button right next to the Home button that autoposts stuff from your email account to your blog with no confirmation.

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    She’s the co-founder of one of the consultant firms they’re bringing in.

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  13. I don’t want noscript in mozilla’s hands, it’s better that it’s independent and constantly tweaked by enthusiast rather than in control of google-lovers who might have an interest to at some point allow some stuff we the user would not want to allow.
    0nce too much is under some central control the road to disaster is nicely paved.

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