Arcade Cabinet That Plays Every Game In The Universe

Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit. It may not play every game in the universe, but the CMACC gets pretty close. CMACC stands for “Complete – Multi Arcade Console Computer System” and is comprised of a giant pile of gaming goodness. [Mayhem] packed a PC, Xbox, Xbox360, Dreamcast, Wii, PSP, and a DS into the cabinet. He seems to have overlooked the Virtual Boy though.

He’s using GamEx as a front end for a multitude of emulators, including MESS which emulates tons of old desktops like Commodores and Apples. The cabinet, while not as elegant as the Retro Space, wins major geek points for the cup holder.

[via Engadget]

9 thoughts on “Arcade Cabinet That Plays Every Game In The Universe

  1. Comment Spam… 3 o’clock!

    But yeah as RyanE said that’s not a cup holder it’s an ashtray that machine is straight out of japan… and IMO it’s better looking than that LCD crap in the last article.

    PS. for whatever reason the comment box isn’t wrapping text properly for me (running firefox 3.x ion win xp

  2. That particular cabinet/machine is in fact a commercialized mame clone.. so.. why all the extra hacktakory?

    as it is, the machine plays over 80 games, right off the showroom floor.
    It *is* a sweet sitdown cabinet.. but I dont get the point, unless it was DOA or had been already gutted when he got it.

    and one more thing… why jam it full of hardware? (granted, I didnt bother to read past post one on the forum.. i hate forum as h.a.d. posts) Choose mame and be done with it.

    A motto some h.a.d. posters need to come to grips with: just because anything *can* be done, doesnt mean everything *should* be done.

  3. Where did it say how he got the DS and PSP working?

    As much as I hate people blinging out their JAMMA cabinets (especially the sitdown (“candy”) Japanese cabinets) this one is at least somewhat “sleeper” looking on the outside.

  4. Hi there.

    It has a quad core pc insiade with 6tb of hard drive space. a xbox, xbox 360, Wii, xbox, sega dream cast, psp, nitendo Ds fitted. All emulators ever released are running on it. The Cab is a stripped down jap candy cab with a booster base and all the contolls were ripped out and replaced, all so added pinball buttons and various other things. The whole thing is all a full sized can not a sit down cab as it has a booster base. Allso to top it all off it has a 200 watt sound system installed with speekers for gameing goodness and can it play crisis…….. YES allso have grid installed on it as well…


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