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[Quethe] implanted an RFID chip into his hand so that he can access his handgun safe without having to fumble around for keys or buttons. He’s also planning to do more with the chip, including installing readers so he can access his car without keys. [Quethe] claims that inserting the chip hurts less than drawing blood. From the video he’s apparently using livestock grade equipment for the injection. While we applaud his ingenuity, we’re not sure that the convenience of easier access to guns and cars is actually worth the trouble of putting a chip in your body.

We’ve covered quite a a few hackers that have chosen to chip themselves in the past. [Mikey Sklar] did it back in 2005 after constructing a pair of pants to block the signal. [Amal Graafstra] ended up writing RFID Toys after implanting himself. [Larry Pesce] from the PaulDotCom podcast had his chip cloned on stage by [Major Malfunction] at ShmooCon. [Annalee Newitz] had her chip cloned by [Jonathan Westhues] while covering RFID hacking for Wired. It’s interesting to see the practice of DIY RFID chipping gaining traction, and, thankfully, all of the people just listed understand that it’s not a form of security.

[via Boing Boing]

58 thoughts on “DIY RFID Implant

  1. Not up for the DIY version but I think that done properly these chips could change the world and how we use technology. The concerns that some people have mentioned only cause me to worry about the people against it. It seems to me that there is a massive lack of knowledge when it comes to the business of tracking someone. Firstly to all those that are against this technology because of tracking I would say get rid of your mobile phones, satellite and cable boxes, computers connected to the internet, ATM cards and credit cards as they can and are often tracked by the police or government to observe criminal activity. Even the average hotel reservations, school records or gym memberships can be used to find info about your daily habits. If I was to list all the possible records of movement I make in a day then I could guarantee that there would be very little time when I was not traceable. The truth is I am not a criminal so I don’t care if the police can check if I bought groceries today or even know what time I went to the bathroom (only a potential criminal would have concerns about RFID chips). As for the bible bashers I am not going to stoop low enough to explain why a religion that openly stops progression or possibly the evolution of a species should be ignored. I can’t wait to get chipped and help move global technology boundaries foreword. I just wish it was legal in the UK now.

  2. Look the government are dumb as hell they couldn’t run a bath. And have you seen how retarded some of the military r, Just look at youtube. I have no fears of either of them ever being capable of doing something bad or good succesfully with rfid chips.

    The only real problem I see is what he will have to say when he gets stopped at customs going on holiday.

    And what the impound will do when they find out he got off his leash.

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