Coin Slot Detector

Wow, how quickly the wearable electronics world has slid into the gutter. They’re now resigned to watching our nations finest natural resource, the butt crack. This project by [semiotech] uses a LilyPad Arduino to monitor the exposure of the wearer’s coin slot. It detects the presence of light with a photoresistor and alerts the user with the vibrations of a pager motor. This breakthrough in coin slot technology will prevent dryness and certainly reduce our exposure to domestic terrorism. We see plenty of room for future development; the Arduino is already capable of logging exactly how often your coin slot is exposed. Even if you feel this is more protection than your coin slot needs, we recommend Neutrogena’s Coin Slot Cream for general upkeep.

33 thoughts on “Coin Slot Detector

  1. As goofy as this one is, I work with a guy that presents at least 6 inches. Sometimes I just want to fork my eyes out. It’s a growing menace, or in this case, a growling (post Taco Bell) one at best. Fairly good idea, however, I know for a fact that it wouldn’t work in this case, considering the acreage requiring coverage.

  2. Ha, I was extremely confused by the article until I saw the video. I naturally assumed we were talking about an actual coin slot.

    And no, I wasn’t at all concerned about why a person would have a coin slot attached to them NOR the reason for the above picture.

  3. This is retarded, simply retarded. I’ve been fighting against the people saying hackaday is going to hell in a handbasket, but after this? Yea, this site is really going down-down-downhill. How bout posting something worth a damn?

  4. Great, forget a cool hack like sewing some pants that actually fit, or pull up themselves, or even something like the automatic sizing jacket from Back to the Future, which may now be possible for a hobbyist.

    If you are going to wear clothes, just wear clothes that fit.

    Re: SNL and Lindsay Lohan, epic Fail, she looks like she is 40 years old, and the fake tits are gross. Shows to go you what hard partying does to you.

  5. “If you are going to wear clothes, just wear clothes that fit.”


    lol. right on man.

    Also, you very rarely see someone in shape have such problems. get off your couch America!

  6. yo! i’m amy khoshbin- the maker and wearer of the coin-slot detector.

    check out my blog at:

    this is crazed- i made this project & didn’t think anyone would see it, but now that they have, here goes:

    it’s about giving intelligence to intimate spaces on the body and allowing them to tell you when they’re in public spheres, raising awareness about areas you don’t normally think about. the coin-slot is an example of one, and esp with low-cut jeans, one that actually is kinda exposed a lot. but instead of correcting the problem, i took the capitalistic route- make another complex accessory to fix a simple problem.

    version 2 is about an all-american joe. joe the plumber-butt detector. we need to think about his needs and his wants as a spokesperson for this country. and don’t you think he, as a caricature of a person, needs remedies for his caricature flaws too?

  7. Hi Amy! I understand it as an art concept, and within that context its, well, cute at least. Makes a statement perhaps depending on its environment in an art space.
    I still don’t know what it’s doing here though, but that’s not a statement on you or your project, just on the Hack-a-day staff…

  8. Coin slot detector? I thought this would be something to do with a homebrew Darth Vader chest plate.

    Who came up with the term “coin slot”? I’ve never heard it called that before.

  9. why is this poted its a load of B/U/L/L/S/H/I/T when are these guys goin to have some real hacks posted im sick and tired of reading these bs f/u/c/k/i/n/ posts like ever since these guys got hacked they have been postinf nothing but BS boycot these lamers they arent even hackers like if they werw they would have better things to post f/u/c/k/i/n/ LAMERS You fags got hacked for a reason

  10. Directed at all of you whingy kids, why not just start your own site instead of bitching about this one? Cause you can’t. You too damn useless.

    Actually, I wonder if ANY of you have actually hacked up / redesigned / designed from scratch something at all, or just spent your time complaining?

    Get a life, do something useful, die. Whatever keeps you away from posting on here!


  11. @ heath

    how about you starting your own website so you can post all the lame and useless hacks you want,AND control who gets to post comments?

    in the meantime tho,please go fuck yourself. no one gives a shit about you or this bullshit “hack”. if you want to give the site admin a blowjob,track him down and go do it already.

  12. LOL, the creator needs to contact Levis and have them incorporate it into their high end jeans. Only problem will be that it will be hard to tell how good a plumber is without inspecting their work now… :)

  13. I have never complained about the quality of this site and I have even looked past the posts with components in them, as they may be useful to some new hackers. This is one point where I decide that the type of ‘hacking’ shown here requires little to no knowledge of.. well anything really.

    My point being, if hackaday wants to remain one of the respected technology websites, they ought to go back to being critical of what gets posted.

    Also, as stated before, what the hell? This ‘hack’ – I use the term to describe shoddy worksmanship here, accomplishes nothing. If you don’t want your ass hanging out, don’t wear pants that your ass hangs out of.

  14. what other site are you coin-slot-joke-hack-ha-ha-we-actually-didnt-have-a-hack-today haters going to besides this one? seriously let’s make a coalition of serious hackers and put this silly mof0z out of business!!1! un1te.
    spin off site: crack-a-day? hmmm that idea stinks.

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