Arduino Switch Box


When you’re prototyping a new project, sometimes all you need is a switch. The folks at oomlout were tired of constantly having to rewire things, so they built a universal switch box for the Arduino. It has five potentiometers plus three switches. They’ve put together a software package that monitors the switches and can show you a live view of the knob positions. Have a look at the video below for a demo.

The writeup actually hints at what we can only assume is the next kit they’re releasing: a robot arm.


12 thoughts on “Arduino Switch Box

  1. Seriously, what’s so cool about this? It’s just a board with switches, potentiometers and wire that anyone with at least one hand can build! Recently there have been few interesting, imaginative and unique projects here at Hack a Day. It seems this site’s name should be “What’s new at Instructables”.

    Okay, someone built this, so they must think it’s useful and handy. But that doesn’t mean it’s interesting enough to be thoroughly documented and published on the web. What happened to self-criticism and publication threshold?

    My request regarding Hack a Day articles: Please, quality over quantity in the future

  2. Honestly, tohoq, I understand your concern but it makes me wonder why you continue to come here. Do you own the website? Probably not. Do you pay to come here? Probably not. I am tired of reading people’s comments trying to tell hackaday how to run their website.

    tohoq, if you don’t like, don’t come. Not everyone shares your level of excellence… nor does everyone share you level of elitism.

  3. Why does criticism always raise the question about the ownership of the site? I’m trying to offer ideas how the site could be improved. If you do something and tell others about it, someone *will* come and say how they think it could be made better.

    The reason I read the RSS feed is that from time to time there are articles about useful and cool things. I just wish they were easier to find from the flood of information. Keeping the site (applies to any publication) concentrated is important.

    Why not start a separate blog under, dedicated to electronics school type of articles and other simple “non-excellent and non-elitistic” stuff? I might even contribute.

  4. I think I figured it out. I tried to use a link :(
    Search youtube for a “8x8x8 RBG cube” and you will find videos that are much better than this cube.

    I guess whats wrong with this article is that its been done before, by everyone.

  5. Very interesting article. Thanks! I’m not an electronics genius, and I’ve only just started playing with the Arduino. Since I haven’t had time to do a lot of independent research about it, it’s nice to find lots of intriguing ideas on Hack a Day to help me fill up my play time. I especially like how this project demonstrates a computer graphics application. Thanks atain!

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