Wireless BlinkM control


[John] has been working with several BlinkM RGB devices. He’s created a controller to talk to each of the BlinkMs wirelessly and change their behavior. The core is an old relay tester box used to test telephone circuits. Each of its four knobs are connected to the analog inputs on the Arduino. The signal is transmitted using RFlink devices. Each BlinkM is paired with an ATmega168 and receiver. The control box also has a switch to send the same signal to all of the devices at the same time. The transmit and receive code are available on his site. You can find a video of it embedded below.

5 thoughts on “Wireless BlinkM control

  1. They must be the new BlinkM Max Ms or Max M RGB Blasters.Those don’t look like BlinkMs. BlinkMs have a flat LED with one per board. Shiftbrites are cheaper and better for these projects. BlinkMs are only better when you need to have preprogrammed patterns, and although much brighter, the Max Ms are even more outrageously priced at $25 USD each. Although, just $9 for just the RGB Blaster. I can’t imagine spending $100 for LEDs for a project like this.

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