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Former Hack a Day contributor [Will] has been using a Eye-Fi SD card to automate his photo transfers. Unfortunately this requires using Eye-Fi’s software and talking to their servers. He used [Jeff Tchang]’s replacement server written in Python to recieve the images from the card. [Will] manages his own online photo gallery using Gallery 2. To get the images uploaded, he added a call to GUP. Now all of his photos are transfered just as easily as with the standard Eye-Fi but without all of the middleman.

[photo: Eye-Fi teardown]

14 thoughts on “Standalone Eye-Fi Upload

  1. Nice, exactly what I was looking for ^_^ I help out at a beauty pageant, and I was looking for a way to automate the photo gathering process. I’ve looked at the eye-fi before but didn’t like the need for the middle-man. Good job ^_^

  2. It should be noted that for people using Windows that only want to upload pictures to their PC, your pictures don’t have to go through Eye-Fi’s servers.

    This is an awesome project though, since the python script should not only allow linux users to use the eye-fi card, but also allow far greater customization options than the standard software allows.

  3. I think there is an extra strong desire to hack these things. First, they are super-cool, and they are the only game in town. Second, the company seems like they just don’t get it. They refuse to even listen to those who want certain new features. They also seem to love selling you ‘Features’ which are really simply removing crippling restrictions. There’s a new Yahoo group that’s acting as a central point for all the work everyone’s doing, as well as actively trying to hack the firmware so that you can configure the card to connect directly to YOUR server, instead of having ALL your pictures running through Eye-Fi’s servers.

  4. I hope some love is inflicted upon the new EyeFi MobiPro cards to circumvent the need to pay monthly tithing to eyefi.

    Additionally extending basic alternative sdWifi host cards would be grand:

    monoprice, amazon ASIN: B00KFSMEJM

    EZshare amazon ASIN: B00H4A6TGI

    The adapter is much preferable in lower end devices to avoid the gamble on junk-TFcards.

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