[Hazard] wanted a full color POV display for his bike wheel. Adafruit’s SpokePOV is single color and Monkeylectric’s original version didn’t display images. He also balked at the cost and decided to manufacture his own version. It uses 16 RGB LEDs on a single layer board he manufactured himself. It’s an entirely through-hole design to make assembly easy. It uses a hall effect sensor to synchronize the image display. The two main components are an ATmega328p microcontroller, which should make it Arduino compatible, and a TLC5940 PWM LED driver. It’s a very well documented build and certainly a good looking effect.

[via adafruit]

7 thoughts on “RGBike POV

  1. pete and repete where on a boat pete jumped off who was left.. but seriously I would love to make, buy, steal, this for my bike… the Monkeylectonic one is $255.00 for the four that you would need to look totally sweet! in my city they are almost finished with a bike trail many years in the making you can liteally ride 70-80 miles once they build a stinking bridge it will be finished in august this year and when they finish I want to get two sets of povs 2 for each rim, I’ll probably spend the jack @ monkeylectroncs

  2. Laube – not only soldered and tested, but conformal coated too. Not that one can’t do it at home, it’s just a fairly annoying thing to deal with but totally necessary in their operating environment.

    It should go without saying, but the LEDs used are quality, super bright and wide angle – something a broke DIY’er might think to skimp on (which is fine, but only comparable with that caveat).

    The m123 is well thought out and developed (moreso than some non novelty products on the market) – and that’s what you’re paying for.

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