Your Music In Rock Band 2


[Peter Kirn] over at Create Digital Music takes an in depth look at the process of adding your own music to Rock Band 2. This involves using REAPER audio production software, uploading your work via the XNA Creators’ Club, and then playing the fresh track on an Xbox 360. Both REAPER and the XNA Club cost money, and the total price comes out somewhere between $100-$160. The process is now in closed beta but a wider beta is expected in September followed by a full release in October.

9 thoughts on “Your Music In Rock Band 2

  1. You know, looking at Reaper they say the demo’s fully un-crippled and says if you actually are going to use it you have to buy a license but they do not enforce it via keys or anything. It seems like it’s based on the honor system…

  2. This is probably meant more towards indie bands and such to add music, not for your average joe to upload his favorite song, because there are licensing issues or w/e. i may be mistaken of course though.

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