Composite Video Output From Chumby

[bunnie] posted this pretty slick way of getting composite video out of a Chumby. The Chumby is an open source connectivity device that has already seen some decent hacking. This modification, done by [xobs] isn’t too difficult. It only requires patching into some pads on the motherboard and loading a custom kernel to support the external output.

4 thoughts on “Composite Video Output From Chumby

  1. Ok this ROCKS. a chumby is a dirt cheap “info channel” for a connected home. automated system wakes you and kicks on the TV behind the mirror in the bathroom, or better yet your in wall shower TV, with your important stuff for the day already displayed and on, then you can switch over to whatever you want to watch during your shower, I usually choose CNBC.

    I was going to use a dedicated PC running a python script and pygame but this is cheaper and fits behind the wall easier. Coolies

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