Lightning Rod: Keeps You Safe From Dirty Flashers

A new open source package called Lightning Rod will help to close security exploits in Adobe’s dirty Flash code. A presentation made at the 26th Chaos Communication Congress showed that the package does its job by reviewing incoming code before the browser executes it. Heise Online is reporting that this method can block over 20 different known attacks and can even be used to filter out malicious JPG attacks. As more vulnerabilities are discovered they can be added to Lightning Rod to close the breach. This amounts to a virus scanner for Flash code. It’s great to have this type of protection but why can’t Adobe handle its security problems?

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9 thoughts on “Lightning Rod: Keeps You Safe From Dirty Flashers

  1. its actual called blitzableiter not lightning rod, posting every link so they goes though a crappy google translater should have been left as an excercise to the read imho.

  2. @rachael: “Blitzableiter” -means- lightning rod in English…I would imagine the translator link is for those of us who still speak English as our first language (unfortunately there’s no German -> Java translator yet…)

    Auf Wiedersehen.

  3. Man oh man – you really opened up my eyes! The Internet has so much information, I get so caught up in so many different directions, it so hard to figure it all out. Thanks again for the post! Happy New Years!

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