PIC USB Host Shortcuts

[Simon Inns] is still hard at work making USB connectivity for PIC microcontrollers easier for the hobbiest. He’s released a framework for PIC based USB devices under Windows. It includes the firmware needed for USB compatible 18F PIC chips as well as a C# class library and example programs for the Windows side of things. This goes quite a bit further than his PIC-USB tutorial but with little added effort on your end of things.

We do our USB prototyping on a breadboard just like [Simon] did in this example. He’s got a nice little USB-B connector breakout that is easy to plug into the breadboard. If you prefer to have a more stable development area, check out the one he designed. It’s a single-sided PCB made for through-hole components with just a handful of jumper wires.

11 thoughts on “PIC USB Host Shortcuts

  1. use the tqfp version of this chip, and make the world’s smallest pendrive? LOL

    (only if you want to store like 8MB on it though)

    45DB321D 16Mbit *4 would do it.

    now that would be something to behold.

    this chip might (just!) be able to decode an mp3 so you could build a basic player with direct USB connectivity.

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