Key Fob Programming

[Fileark] has instructions for reprogramming keyless entry devices for your car. His demonstration video, which you can see after the break, shows how to make one key fob work for two different vehicles. In this case he’s working on a couple of Chevrolet trucks but there are instructions for GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan. If you need to reprogram one of these you may find this useful, but we’re wondering how it can be incorporated into a project. If you can sniff out the communications that are going on during the programming you should be able to build and pair your own devices with a vehicle. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate your keyless entry into your wristwatch?


57 thoughts on “Key Fob Programming

  1. An update on keyfobs: As a further “FU” to their customers, Chrysler after around 2010 removed the ability to make your own keys if you have 2. Supposedly to “punish” dealerships because some employees used this to make and sell 3rd keys. Now you’re forced to go through them even if you have the 2nd unique key. Stealership indeed!

    Considering the actual price of the electronics in a keyfob, this should be considered a form of highway robbery. Oh, want to change oil, please pay us $XXX to reset computer (and we won’t tell others how) type of evil. Good thing they aren’t allowed to pull that – you just have to hit the accelerator 3 times fast when engine off but key in on position. :/

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