Daft Punk Helmet Replica Finally Completed

[Harrison Krix] finished his Daft Punk Helmet replica and posted about it this week. We took a look at his work back in October but he’s come a long way to pull off a legendary build. Take three minutes after the break and see 17 months worth of work. So many skills were pulled together to make this happen; sculpting, mold making, painting, electronic design, mechanical design, and bad-ass-ery. Crammed in along with your noggin are a bag-full of LED boards but the Arduino that controls it all resides outside, in a project box tethered to the helmet. This is a masterpiece of socially-unwearable geek fashion.


[Thanks Eric & Kirov]

65 thoughts on “Daft Punk Helmet Replica Finally Completed

  1. awsome build!

    cannot imagine putting that much work in a helmet but it worked out to be perfect.

    projects like this are ofcourse all about the build and not about using it because it will be on a shelve somewhere to be shown to other geeks only once in a while. so the movie shows the important part of the project 99% build 1% usage!

  2. wow, super amazing. really great build and the craftsmanship is amazing as well. Your copious amount of hard work payed off with this fucking awesome piece of useless art.

  3. Thank you for posting this, because of the video I saw (up top side), I decided to look into the group Draft Punk and have thus discovered a new genre to love “House”. Not to mention that helmet is sweet. I wonder if he can see through it, adding a LCD panel or something similar, internal noise canceling speakers (Bose,ect) and Bluetooth 4 to handle all the video+audio goodness would make this the most amazing Wearable Video Display ever. seriously this helmit in and of its self has given me many ideas. I really wish i had the tools to develop something similar to this bad boy.
    sexy underwater, space worthy HUD. lol but that just a dream of mine (for now).

  4. @Mr_Bishop
    Welcome to the Electronic Music Generation.

    If you enjoyed House music, I highly recommend Electro, Breakbeat, Dubstep, and Downtempo.

    This helmet is off the hook. I looked into some of that plastic chroming treatment, and like his first try everyone I talked to was just a dick about nickel-and-diming me.

  5. Bravo on the helmet, that is sweet.

    p.s. @Zack-0 your english is very good, had you not said anything I wouldn’t have thought you had any reason to apologize. :)

  6. That is one of the most beautiful hacks I have ever seen. Lights, shiny gold, LIGHTS, if I had 23,000 (what it’s probably worth) I’d buy it, that is, if he’d even sell it.

  7. If he has all the molds for the project, I don’t see why he doesn’t build another one to sell. With the quality of the build this thing looks amazing, I wonder how much it cost to make? ;o

    He might be onto something :p

  8. fistly: give me his paypal address I want to send him some money just for sharing that with us.

    secondly: He just got a job as a hollywood artist for sure.

    that was absolutely amazing. no other words to describe it.

  9. while i agree that it’s cool, i wonder why he chose to add the different lights on the bottom and not have an led display in front

    i can see not having the display for being able to see out of the helmet but if you’re going for a replica why not make it exactly the same?

  10. Props for a good build. Respect.

    However, the underlying roots are another story. The assault on our auditory senses by that mindless genre of no-talent-required ‘music’ (and i use the term very loosely) is, a throw back to the neanderthal cave dwellers.

    METAL RULES f all of u cissy boy metro-sexuals and your punk club music.

  11. Sweet hack, but I can’t help think that he could have made the electronics fit inside the helmet. If all you’re doing is controlling LEDs it would be easy to make a custom board and fit it inside the helmet. But that’s something to do for the next build.

  12. Very nice indeed.

    To add to Brennan’s comment, for the next build (or retrofit), SMT LEDs on a flexible PCB would save space and weight, although might be pricy. And use RGB LEDs instead of tinted translucent panels.

  13. @Pantera4EVR
    Hahahahaha! I’m sorry you don’t like or appreciate good music, you ancient metalhead wannabe. Any retard can play a power chord over and over and scream into a microphone. It takes talent to develop melodies and beats and make them fit together.

    Perhaps when your hearing returns and your neck problems subside you could give something not brain-dead a chance, hm?

    Troll for a troll.

  14. Great job on the build. Obviously too a lot of effort and looks perfect.

    But IMHO, I think it is rather lame and not even close to a hack. IDK WTF daft punk is, but I am certainly staying away from it now.

  15. @RBRat3 He did make more than one because the chroming was a trial-and-error process that ended up eating probably 7 or 8 casts. He also sold several raw casts in order to help pay for our wedding.

    @Decius It cost a lot; I doubt he really made any money off the commission. He makes stuff like this because it’s fun, but he wouldn’t consider it fun to just churn out the same thing over and over. He explains this at his FAQ here.

    @zool The lighting design was directly lifted from the Discovery-era helmets, per request of the client (see here); the LED panel in front was omitted, also per request of the client, in order to retain vision.

    @Brennan The external box is not just for the arduino but also for the 6 AAs that run the lights. The client preferred having the display controls off the helmet.

    @caps It does look big because it was scaled to fit his client, who is 6’3″, while Harrison is only about 5’8″.

    Thanks to everyone else for all the nice comments!

  16. @caps & @Edward

    He was commissioned by Guy (of Daft Punk) to build this replica helmet. He mentions it several times on his website (if you’re the kind of person who reads those things). He hints that Thomas (the other half of Daft Punk) has asked him to build his helmet as well.

  17. I’m not an arduinon hater. Though, doesn’t it seem odd that he would do such a good job fabricating the helmet, but still use an arduino and have it outside the helmet.

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