Art Piece From Board Artwork

[Theo Kamecke] is an artist who produces striking pieces using printed circuit boards. We’ve seen PCBs used as faux stained-glass before, but [Theo’s] craftsmanship stands apart from everything we’ve seen. His webpage has at least one piece that sites the usage of vintage 1960’s circuit boards, but we wonder if he doesn’t design some of these to suit his work. Either way, we’d love to see him take on the finish work for that mechanized expanding round table we saw back in June. See more of his work on his photostream.

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[Thanks Mowcius]

11 thoughts on “Art Piece From Board Artwork

  1. These are just fantastic. :-)

    I have to wonder though (same as the summary) if he’s really re-using existing boards or just etching, or whatever, his own designs.

    That said the geek in me suddenly is thinking of a box that completes it’s own circuit when closed to light LEDs or whatnot. In practice people have etched double-clad boards to make custom lamps:

    So I can easily see making a box that lights up when closed due to trace contacts along the edges.

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