Woot Lights And Mice Transplants

[Nathan Long] sent in two fairly simple mods he’s been working on. The first is the control of Woot-off Lights via LPT port. A computer checks Woot for the Woot-off logo, and if the logo is spotted, on go the lights. It’s really just a twist on the LED/Arduino email message system, but the creativity is nice.

His other modification is the stuffing of a Microsoft Intellimouse inside of a Logitech Wingman. With the goal of giving the old PS/2 mouse USB capabilities and removing the terrible ball. For those that are asking themselves “why bother? Terrible ergonomics, no scroll wheel, etc.” [Nathan] claims it’s for Quake 2 nostalgia, to each their own we suppose.

6 thoughts on “Woot Lights And Mice Transplants

  1. The draw from the leds should be well within what the port can supply. The motors, probably not. A couple relays, plus power from USB would be a better idea (or even an external PS). That said, it has ran for months without issue.

  2. Who still has computers with parallel ports? Seriously they’ve not been on motherboards since the w98 days, and it’s annoying to us tinkerers, and now serial is rapidly going too, good thing the USB2Serial chips and designs are abundant now, but it still doesn’t beat having a ‘port you are not using anyway’ effect.

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