Fake Christmas Tree Makes It Fake Snow

Let it snow inside your house this Christmas by building your own snow making tree. [Trey] was inspired by a snowing lamp-post he came across in a story. He looked around the house and came up with all the stuff necessary to make this happen with a Christmas tree. The snow is loose Styrofoam like you’d find in a bean bag chair. At the bottom of the tree there’s an inverted umbrella to collect the snowfall and funnel it into a blower salvaged from an inflatable Halloween yard ornament. The blower shoots the Styrofoam up through a PVC pipe, which also serves as the trunk of the fake tree, and it erupts from the top bringing Christmas cheer to an otherwise quiet room. See for yourself.

23 thoughts on “Fake Christmas Tree Makes It Fake Snow

  1. Wow i remember making something very similar in 1989 with a lego motor and a card board tube. You need a big circle of cardboard at the base to catch the balls. They used do do this in a shop window display in my town.

  2. I have to admit… this isn’t that impressive. No offense to the creators, but it’s a good idea that’s poorly implemented. In their defense, there’s no good way of making fake snow that doesn’t involve making real snow. And that umbrella doesn’t leave much room for presents…

  3. @will I saw the post and thought the exact same thing! The only difference between the one in this post and the one in the range is the store bought version has a handy little diffuser on top to stop the ceiling getting covered :0D

  4. mmmm i think you must repaint your house on the 1e off jan than
    now thats a happy nieuw year
    whats rong whit a normal tree
    the loss nedels
    thats no probleem whan you will you tree out the house put the tree n a bed sheet than you can transport the tree whit out you get your hous full of the nedels

  5. Saw this back in ’68 or ’69. Ace hardware or True Value Hardware. Store clerk said it made a mess daily.
    Looked good, but made a mess. And they wanted $64 for the whole tree/snow pellets/blower thing.

  6. This is most certainly a bad idea. This guy has never carved styrofoam or anything similar to even comprehend the mess that is about to happen….but aside from the mess that is most obvious…I would like to point out the static charge that is being built up in that tube….eventually that charge will be release in the form of a spark…a spark that could seriously start a fire. This is a disaster in the making in every way.

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