Beer Shooting Dorm Fridge

blunt force traumomatic

When we first heard the parts list for this project, we weren’t too impressed. It has an iPhone connecting to an IObridge etc… But then we heard the next, and most important part, an air cannon and an assortment of beer. We were sold.  As you can see in the video after the break, a fancy iPhone interface lets you select your beer, then dispense it into the cannon for delivery. The next step is to aim using a web cam mounted at the cannon and let ‘er rip! The beer is fired across the room and into your hands. We suspect that the amount of cranial injury, holes in the drywall, and shattered glass will greatly increase in frequency as the night goes on. Awesome.

20 thoughts on “Beer Shooting Dorm Fridge

  1. Whoa, cool! As an undergrad, I can say that this is the best invention ever.

    Include a delay between pushing the fire button and actual launch, maybe a 3-2-1 countdown so you don’t get hit in the top of the head while you are still looking at the iphone.

  2. I was thinking a longer delay between sending “FIRE” and actually firing the can, say 3-5 seconds, perhaps with a buzzer during the countdown.

    Nothing like being bonked on the head like a certain softball coach I was just watching (“Maximum Overdrive”).

  3. This is an epic invention. Just needs a few tweaks.

    1) Controllable launch power (for farther shots, shorter, etc)
    2) “Favorites” – eg launch X type at Y position in a single click.
    3) A DELAY, probably one that slowly increases as more cans are dispensed.

  4. It looks like he is controlling it through a website. If only we could find the site, imagine the mayhem and fun we could have launching his beers all over the place lol.

  5. He needs to lose the iPhone in v2.0. Get a dedicated remote for the fridge and have it track the remote and auto-calculate where to fire. Perhaps a cheap 27mHz crystal set from a r/c car and some triangulation stations in the room. Or bluetooth if he’s already got the parts.

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