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While it is only the middle of February, it might be a good time to start thinking about your plans for April Fool’s day. [Dino’s] Screamer Doll is his submission to the upcoming 555 Contest.  This fun little circuit can be used to easily annoy your cube or house mates and is perfect for all of the April Fool’s day pranksters out there. He fit all the components into a small plastic toy, replacing the eyes and mouth of the doll with three photo cells, and swapping the nose out for a bright LED. When light hits the photo cells, a loud high-pitched squeal is emitted, and the LED blinks furiously until the light source is removed. Shielding the device from light will cause both the sound and LED to slow down, but the brightness of the LED ensures that the toy still makes noise when covered.

It would be great to see a version of this project that is completely silent in the dark, allowing it to be hidden at night, greeting its victims come morning.

If you want to see video of the device in action, read on – just be sure to keep your speaker volume at a reasonable level!


10 thoughts on “Screamer Doll Prank Toy

  1. The prank is to make it small only active when the lights are OFF (stop making noise when the lights are ON) and have it shriek for a split second at random intervals between 45 seconds and 3 minutes…

    this makes it super annoying and impossible to find

  2. Idea . . . make a kids doll that has a squeeze me spot. When you squeeze it it starts playing a recording of a person screaming as if they were being crushed to death!

    P.s. its always good to scar your children for life. . . it gives ’em character!

  3. the doll he’s using is a Munny. they’re actually made of vinyl or resin and come totally blank with the intention of painting or modding it. you should look up what some people have done on the internet, they’re wild.

  4. That would drive you nuts if you had to suffer it for any length of time.

    V2 should only activate when you pick it up and not deactivate by putting it down again, to be even more of an evil bastard you should leave such a configured unit at a friend’s house without telling them so they discover it when you’ve gone.

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