Guitar-mounted Camera Documents Your Guitar Hero-ness

[The Longhorn Engineer] wanted to record some of his virtual shredding sessions so he built this camera mount for a Guitar Hero controller. It holds the camera about a foot below the bottom of the controller, pointing up at the guitar and its player. Since the camera is held tightly to the guitar this produces an interesting effect of movement in the background while the foreground is completely stationary. He set out to complete the build using just one piece of acrylic and some fasteners but added an aluminum support piece because the prototype had a bit too much flex to it. The video after the break walks you through the design, the build process, and finishes with a test run.

5 thoughts on “Guitar-mounted Camera Documents Your Guitar Hero-ness

  1. May i suggest flipping it around…

    We don’t exactly see much of anything at that angle.

    I remember doing something like this, with rubber band and a cellphone but it was aimed at the notes.

    Especially on GH where strumming is just updown.

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