Chilling Drinks With Your Friends’ Faces


3D printing of Kinect-mapped models seems to be all the rage lately. [Nirav] caught the bug and has developed software which allows him to join in the fun. Frustrated by the lack of documentation and source code for the Fabricate Yourself project, he set out to create his own open-source process for scanning people and objects to share with the hacking community.

His software allows you to aim the Kinect and capture a 3D scan of any object, after which you need to use MeshLab or similar software to turn the scan into a STL file for printing. He says that the process is a bit tedious at the moment, but he is working hard to condense it down into a single step.

While he can scan and print pretty much anything he wants, his ultimate goal is to create ice cube trays for his friends featuring molds of their faces. The project has a lot of promise, though we’re not sure about our friends crunching on our faces after finishing their drink.

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