Literally Turn Your Headset Into A Handset

[Rachel’s] Bluetooth glove is proving that you don’t have to be missing fingers to talk to the hand. You can see in the video after the break that, like us, she wears fingerless gloves while typing to keep the cold from causing pain in her hands (it’s so cold in here it’s like we’re [Bob Cratchit]). So why not make those gloves multitaskers?

She cracked open a small Bluetooth headset to see if it would play nicely with her fuzzy purple gloves. A bit of wire and some shrink tubing allowed for the speaker and microphone to be moved a bit further from the circuit board. Once those components had been extended she pinned everything in place to make sure it fit the bill. The components were then sewn in place and a microswitch for answering calls was repositioned in the hollow of the wearer’s palm. Now you’re free to work the day away, with all of your incoming calls already at your fingertips.


17 thoughts on “Literally Turn Your Headset Into A Handset

  1. @Eggman

    oh noes, someone isn’t conventionally attractive, and they’re DOING STUFF!

    please, I beg you, consider self immolation… it could save the world!

    This is a wonderful hack, and I wouldn’t mind implementing it myself, though my integration target would be a snowmachine helmet, or perhaps a ski-mask style hat…

  2. Practical? Yes. Innovative? Yep. Makes you look like a crackpot when you make the “phone” gesture and actually talk into it? Yep.

    Perhaps they should put a speaker into the glove so you can have speakerphone calls with your friends.

  3. @Eggman bit of a cheap shot there – you might want to aim to aim a little higher in your outlook.

    (Eggman is it? – bet you look bit more like a Walrus – Ha!:)

    Yes, having a speakerphone would be good call – would let everyone else nearby in on the gag & maybe get laughs of recognition of the ‘private/public conversation’ thing – I’ll suggest that to a pal of mine who goes out clowning jus for anarchic fun – he’s had his mobile phone wired up to an old-style handset which he can pull out of his pocket when the handset rings & then incorporate the call within whatever mischief he might be up to at the time –

    maybe be good if bystanders got to hear the other (confused?) person on the other end of the line.

    BTW – isn’t that the most annoying thing of people talking on mobile phones in public? – you only get to hear *one* side of the conversation? – tantilising frustration…

  4. why no self-inflicted cochlear implants? C’mon Hackaday! would be cool..
    This ‘handset’, while useful, is a novelty item at best, because the bluetooth handsfree was designed to keep the hands.. free. I’m not trying to talk bad about it, it’s a humorous ‘invention’ – like Maxwell Smart’s shoe-phone, or more accurately- Inspector Gadget’s phone. either way, occupies the hand. Practical? Not much.. for shits & giggles? absofuckinglutely!

  5. “No officer, I swear, I’m having an actual conversation.”

    It seems like any type of communication-based “hands free” device makes anyone look kind of goofy while they use it.

    Very cool.

  6. High ceilinged loft office? Cold brick wall! A floor fan pointing up is the best way to warm up that kind of space. Paddle fans would make too much breeze if they could begin to blow away the cold air on the floor. Instead move the coldest air in the room up out of the way, no draught, several degrees warmer. Summer, tilt fan across floor area, leave heat up above alone.
    Hack this first, then my pick, a bluetooth in a candlestick phone or other pre-dial antique phone.

  7. @JD

    I just inherited a niece named Rachel. I’m trying to get her interested in Hacking and Making, and SHIT like eggman’s isn’t going to do any good at all. I would much rather he off himself, hopefully in a spectacular manner, than hang around spewing filth.

  8. I used to wear fingerless while typing, but the fingertips were always just too cold. Typing in actual gloves starts out a nightmare but after a few hours you kind of get used to it, and it saves so much time breathing on fingers.

    I really don’t understand this kind of thing, if it was scratch built i could see someone doing it for the success feeling, but holding your hand like that to speak would be a pain in the ass. If you had fingered gloves and a touch screen phone i would get it 100%, because that’s a poor combo right there.

    Wiregeek, I read eggmans comment before it was deleted, and I think you’re way more of a dick than he was. I would hate to have you as an uncle if that’s your attitude. You need to calm down a notch.

  9. I commend all who call out jerks for being jerks.

    Also, it’s good to see this. I’ve been talking about doing this for years (literally) but didn’t have the guts to potentially ruin my bluetooth headset. Kudos, Rachel!

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