Xbox 360 Briefcase Is Ready To Go Wherever You Do


Hackaday forum member [azazelcrey] recently wrote in to share his portable Xbox 360 build. This is not his first attempt at constructing one of these, as he completed his first portable console a few years back. This time, he has taken what he learned from the first go round, making his newest creation a bit cleaner and more compact.

He sourced an LCD monitor with built-in speakers to use as the display, mounting it into a $20 metal-sided suitcase from Home Depot. He disassembled his Xbox and added it to the case, installing a couple extra fans to keep things cool. Some standard Xbox functions were externalized, allowing him to power on the console, load games, and synchronize controllers, all while keeping the briefcase shut.

This obviously isn’t something that you would carry on a train or bus for on-the-go gaming, but it’s a great way to travel with your Xbox as well as a handful of gear.  We imagine this rugged, fully-contained gaming center is quite useful for one-off Xbox LAN parties, and it seems like it would be a good way to get your game on if stuck overnight in a hotel.

Check out his web site if you are interested in seeing his first build or more pictures of this one.

17 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Briefcase Is Ready To Go Wherever You Do

  1. Not to be a downer but this isn’t much of a hack. A LCD monitor was affixed to the inside of a suitcase and a xbox 360 was placed inside. Not much technical know how was required for it. I mean heck it has to be open to play so why bother cutting a slot for the dvd drive? why not just keep it concealed inside but angled upwards for a clean exterior and easier disc loading experience?

  2. Have to agree with anon … why was it necessary to disassemble the xbox at all? Certainly not to keep things neat and tidy. If the only reason is “just because”, that’s fine … but I’m genuinely curious why he chose to hack everything apart.

  3. xbox 360 isnt that thick. I would have created a bracket to secure the xbox in, then just thrown it straight in. I wouldn’t have cut in a hole for the cd drive anyway, the briefcase is going to be open, so might as well make the cd drive open where the controller is installed.

  4. Wish I could edit/remove a post… This is actually quite terrible. I went back and looked at his web site this time. The LCD screen could stand to be removed from the housing, and flush mounted with the case (It’d probably fit quite easily). The cover over the X360 needs to be secured down. The DVD drive needs a new face panel to match the briefcase, instead of using the stock curved panel (Also needs a panel to hide it). Run cooling fans out the bottom/back of the briefcase, and in from the side. It will look much cleaner and be much more effective at cooling the unit. Instead of using an Ethernet coupler in the back, invest in a keystone jack/plate for a better look, and more secure mount.

    I’m sorry to be so harsh, but this could have been done much more effectively.

  5. Really it was just something I did for fun. I planed on making a new faceplate for the DVD drive nobody said this was a completed project. the cover that I made from Plexiglas was only sitting there and not secured down because I was taking pictures of it while I was building it.If you look at some of the other pictures you will see the Dvd drive has a plate over the top of it to hide it better.The Lcd screen has been removed from the housing the only part of it that you can see is the bezel and I like the silver look. I can do alot better and plan on it next time but for a 10 or less hours project it was fun. It beats carting a duffel bag of loose accessories around.

  6. The guys website makes me laugh. It starts out with “Hi My name is, Philip Nickerson. I am 23 and creating my own business. I have been building and rebuilding Computers since I was 9 years old,” and has no less than his xbox avatar on it, a picture of a transformer, and a “straight out of the 90’s” flash banner.

  7. The only way to get the power brick and the rest of the 360 in this particular briefcase without it over heating was to take at apart, cut extra vent holes, modify the wires and place the drive where it wouldn’t interfere with the handle/hinges of the brief case. And still Work in progress…

  8. This does look pretty rough, I have to agree.

    I think I turned out a few rough looking projects in my day.
    It gives you a clear idea of what capabilities need to be augmented so the next one is better.

  9. Wow, I have to say that one or two of the comments I am reading are really encouraging to someone starting out. Not!

    Yeah, let’s all rubbish someone for trying and for not being “LEET” enough to do something more complex and challenging.

    Just because some of you are capable of so much more doesn’t mean simple projects like this aren’t of interest to others wanting to start having a go and don’t know much to begin with or how to proceed.

    Give the guy a break, he’s trying, it’s a %&*£#@ prototype, not a factory finished sale item.

    Constructive criticisms are fine but rubbishing someone and their idea because it doesn’t suit peoples desired complexity level is darned immature, arrogant and ignorant if you ask me.

    Everyone started somewhere once, even you!

    Would it hurt those harsh people to offer some encouragement or do they want the hobby all for themselves?

    If these are the kinds of comments making an effort is rewarded with, then I don’t think I’ll bother signing up thanks.
    As a beginner, my projects certainly won’t be “leet” or glamorous enough.

  10. Its just something I put together in a hurry with stuff I had laying around the house, It would be much better If better materials/equipment. I only invested a few dollars in it and now I can take my xbox anywhere without carting around a bunch of stuff which was my only goal in the first place. I wasn’t trying to impress a bunch of critics.

  11. well if it was a prototype, first try or whatever, I wouldn’t post it for display on this site, knowing what quality commenters here expect.

    If i ever post a project here, it won’t be until done something in a new ingenious way, or made something with a finish that looks like a million.

    I praise my kids for their helpless drawings because they put an effort into it. I wouldn’t recommend them posting something for review until they learned a bit more.

    If all you want is a pat on your back and a “keep at it” this might not be the place to post :-)

  12. Just thought I would say good job. Personally, I would also have taken off the housing for the power supply to shorten things up there, but otherwise, it provides a good concept to those without Ben Heck’s level of tools and materials available. Seriously, I don’t have any access to a laser cutter, and I’m not buying 4×8 sheets of material to make a custom case for my xbox.
    I may go buy a briefcase from a yard sale though and try something like this.
    Also, I would recommend using a widescreen LCD, they just look so much better when gaming. If you’re on xbox live and play Black Ops send me a FR. Gamertag is my name on this post.

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