Tactical Wifi Cantenna Needs Picatinny Rails

[Wes] built a cool looking Tactical Wifi Cantenna with some parts from a broken airsoft pistol. The antenna is a cookie can type with an added cone to increase performance, as seen in this tutorial. Once the antenna was built it was time to add some kind of handle, [Wes] just so happened to have such a thing on hand. After epoxy puddying the pistol’s grip to his cookie cantenna he observed that the magazine lock was still functioning. Quick thinking and the application of a  hammer in nut allows the whole rig to quickly attach to the tripod. The antenna also sports a plastic lid and textured paint finish for that ultimate tactical look and feel. A USB Alpha AWUSO36H Wifi dongle even mounts on the back of the rig. We wouldn’t go around outside pointing this at stuff attaching and detaching the tripod but the finish looks great, nicely done!

Check out some other various types of cantennas, even a rifle version if you crave more wifi goodness.

17 thoughts on “Tactical Wifi Cantenna Needs Picatinny Rails

  1. “an added cone to increase dB performance”

    Ugh, please learn the difference between a measurement and its units. In this case, it’s called “gain”. The added cone increased the gain of the antenna.

  2. US limits on point-to-multi-point 2.4GHz systems are rated at 36dBm EIRP, or just about 4W as measured in front of the antenna. For point-to-point systems, the power rating varies. This rig would only be illegal if there is anything better than 18dBm coming into the antenna feed port.

  3. Nice! Clever use of the ammo clip for mounting.

    “puddying”: the mixing of two felines to create a substance with strong adhesive properties. Both parts of the mix are, of course, catalysts.

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