Maker Faire KC 2011: In Photos (Part 1)

As a writer for Hackaday, I get to see CNC machines, Prototypers, Tesla coils, and much more on a nearly daily basis. However, there are an uncountable number of people that don’t usually get to share in these technical wonders. Maker Faires provide the chance for the public to see and interact with the inventions, kludges, and geniuses that put together the things we write about on Hackaday.

Follow along after the break for some photos of the interesting things I got to see and enjoy.

Prototyped: I ran into more Makerbots, RepRaps, and home made rapid prototypers than I could count. These were always a crowd pleaser, as many people had never seen anything like them before.

Just one of the many prototypers around

Companion Cubes were all over the place, and this one was definitely one of the best.

As seen in parts, as well as fully assembled, these Portal Turrets were definitely impressive.

This red Mario Kart shell was made from both standard white and red prototyping material

Another RC car topper in the same theme

2 Axis Foam Cutter: A much simpler implementation than most CNC machines, this two axis foam cutter was responsible for spitting out a number of little motorized and unmotorized sculptures without pause.

Two Axis Foam Cutter

Foam Sculptures

Nerd Art: Not necessarily technical in nature, but there were faux robots, steampunk costumes, and much more to see. Rarely did they have anything more technical than blinking lights, the love and care put into these pieces was easily seen.

Robots and Daleks galore, even plans to make your own.

These were just a few of the wonders to be seen, be sure to keep an eye out for part two, featuring old favorites ArcAttack now in 3D!

13 thoughts on “Maker Faire KC 2011: In Photos (Part 1)

  1. Far out, I would have tried to attend if I where aware of it. I most likely would have settled for attending a Field Day event. A 90 minute round trip Vs. a 10 hour round trip, with over night expenses. However KC is much closer than Austin, which I would consider of family that lives somewhat near Austin. Oh well I’ll settle for good video. Last moth I learned of a serious model rocketry event that take place near Wichita, KS each year. Probably another some year thing.

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