AVRphone Is A Barebones Touchscreen Cellphone

This little device is a prototype cellphone based on the ATmega128 microcontroller (translated). It boasts a 2.4″ touchscreen display which serves as the keypad, and uses the SIM100S module which takes care of the GSM radio communications. But the hardware isn’t the only attractive part. Judging from the screen shots a fair amount of time went into building the user interface too.

We seem to have a bounty of cellphone builds recently. This one is quite clean, and boasts a smaller footprint, and larger screen than this barebones example. There is a white paper available if you’re interested in digging a little deeper than the overview post. But it’s written in Czech and we didn’t see a way to provide a machine translation other than copying the text from the PDF file and pasting it into a translator.

9 thoughts on “AVRphone Is A Barebones Touchscreen Cellphone

  1. This could possibly be made successively thinner, with the right skills and equipment. If I had made it, it would probably be the size of a cinderblock with a similar functionality due to my abhorrent soldering skills.

    1. Barebones touchscreen cellphone – I don’t see any mention in the write-up about it being a ‘smart’ phone. This one seems designed to do what a phone should do; make and receive phone calls. The touchscreen and interface are a nice touch though. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it should be clunky.

  2. I always wondered where you can source not overly expensive colors LCD like this one ? From the PDF is seems that the driver is ILI9325 but that doesn’t lead to much information ..

    1. Hello, thanks for sharing. I’ve tried to translate the page to English. It’s on ttp://projects.adamh.cz/en:avrphone (but there is still as little text as on the original one).

      makapuf: The LCD board is from eBay, it was pretty cheap (delviered from China) and with SD card slot and SPI touchscreen driver (but very, very bad manufactured – touchscreen is badly soldered (I have to recalculatedata from touchscreen on MCU) and the 0.1″ header is quite bended).

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