Multitouch Table Uses A Kinect For A 3D Display

[Bastian] sent in a coffee table he built. This isn’t a place to set your drinks and copies of Make, though: it’s a multitouch table with a 3D display. Since no description can do this table justice, take a look at the video.

The build was inspired by the subject of this Hackaday post where [programming4fun] was able to build a ‘holographic display’ using a regular 2D projector and a Kinect. Both builds work on the principle of redrawing the 3D space in relation to the user’s head – as [Bastian] moves his head around the coffee table, the Kinect tracks his location and moves the 3 dimensional grid of boxes in the opposite direction. It’s extremely clever, and looks to be a promising user interface.

In addition to a Kinect, the coffee table uses a Microsoft Surface-like display; four infrared lasers are placed at the corner and detected with a camera next to the projector in the base.

After the break you can see the demo video and a gallery of the images [Bastion] put up on the NUI group forum.


14 thoughts on “Multitouch Table Uses A Kinect For A 3D Display

  1. @anybodysgues, thats anaglyph and i would imagine it wouldnt be to hard to extract that data from it. However a small mod could probably export the data in a more native format for the table.

      1. I’ve always loved Johnny’s work. He’s done some of the greatest hacks of all time in my opinion. I check his blog regularly and love reading what he’s working on.

        Ps. He’s shifted from working on the Kinect now to working at Google X. Working alongside the guys doing Google Glasses and the self driving car.

  2. This looks cool! I wonder though, would it end up like that thing in Mission Impossible 4 where it messes up perspective when two or more people are in the frame? I don’t know how you’d accomodate for that…

    1. You could always use shutter glasses to support multiple people if the projector refresh rate is high enough. So cool not having to wear anything though!

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