Destroying Stuff For The Good Of All Mankind

NC state’s constructed facilities laboratory is a place where things get broken for science. We’ve shared several videos lately of things being sliced, diced, sheared, exploded, and smashed, purely for the fun of it, and now we feel like we should compensate a little bit. No, we’re not going to undergo physical punishment, instead, we’ll share some educational destruction.

In the video after the break, you can see a few things pushed to their absolute limits, then a bit further. The Constructed Facilities Laboratory is a research lab that tests the limits of some of the infrastructure that we rely on daily. Bridges, roads, walls, support beams. Someone needs to figure out what they can really handle. Even more interesting than the short video below, are all the different videos in the tour that explain how the facility is constructed an how they operate. Take a few minutes and enjoy the tour.

8 thoughts on “Destroying Stuff For The Good Of All Mankind

  1. Im surprised how close these guys stand to some of these beams that break. That dude at 27 sec almost ate a huge block of concrete. This would be cool to watch. They should make this into a museum so people that like destruction like myself can watch.

  2. Does this building remind anyone of the greenhouse that frosty the snowman went into in that old Christmas movie? It was a greenhouse in the movie and he melted when he got inside.

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