A Suitcase Full Of Tunes

Take the party with you by building your own boomcase. It’s an amplifier and set of speakers built into luggage. It uses an audio jack to connect to your favorite music player, and with a bit of  added protection — like grills for those speakers — it could still be gently used to transport your wardrobe.

A 1960’s suitcase was mutilated for this build. [Jay] must have already had it on hand because combined with some used parts he claims to have only spent $50 total. After trying out a few different speaker orientations on a piece of cardboard he covered the outside of the case in blue painter’s tape and started cutting holes. The amp he chose has a nice face plate which happens to  fit nicely on the top side of the case. For now he’s powering it with a 10,000 mAh (ie: 10 Ah) portable device recharging battery. But as you can hear in the demo after the break this seems to have no problem supplying the system with enough power.

12 thoughts on “A Suitcase Full Of Tunes

  1. Drill small holes ,lets the sound out. Mount the speakersfrom behind..grills not needed….wheresthecursorIcan’ttypewithoutonethis is aproblempleaseexcusetherunonbutisIcnsomethingisbroken!!!!!!myonly gripe about thenewtemplate

  2. … its in case your going to “start an outdoor (travelling) rave” …
    if you happen to be a mod (social group type) (think Elwood and the blues brothers)
    … u can NOT be seen with a backpak or “ghetto”-anything!

    a suitcase suits perfectly XD
    double-pun intended

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