Modulator Box Connects IPod To Tesla Coil


This pass through audio modulator lets you playback stereo audio on two Tesla coils. But don’t fret, you can just use mono files if you only have one coil on hand. On one side there are inputs that connect to the audio source. The other side drives the Tesla coil, switching it on and off based on the relationship between a reference voltage and the audio signal. As you can hear in the video after the break this sounds great as long as you have the right kind of source audio.

The song played in that clip is the Duke Nukem 3D theme. [Daniel] started with a MIDI file and removed the chimes and drums to make the playback a little cleaner. The demo uses just one coil because the other was destroyed during testing when feedback between the two became a problem.

For some reason this reminds us of that singing Tesla coil hat. If you’re already on our mailing list (sign up in the sidebar) you know we’re getting pretty close to unveiling our own awesome Tesla coil project. It doesn’t sing… yet.

13 thoughts on “Modulator Box Connects IPod To Tesla Coil

  1. as a anti-apple-fanboy i hate iCrap… and that’s why i HAD to comment… why is it “connects to iPod” crap when you clearly can connect it to any other audio source? really…

      1. Not only isn’t it NOT connected to his ipod, iPod isn’t mentioned once on the entire site.

        It’s mentioned twice in that he’s connected it to his PC. And even says that a standard mp3 player won’t work because it needs an amplified input.

        If HAD wants to throw out buzzwords for SEO, that’s their prerogative, but don’t complain when they get called on it.

    1. You didn’t HAVE to comment. Beyond that it’s almost universal conjunction that an ipod is a media player of some sort so anybody with any sort of reasonable deduction abilities can figure out what they mean. Troll elsewhere.

      1. Even if the “iPod” was being used as a generic term for a media player, ChalkBored says that the article states that they don’t work with the system. Posting a valid point does not make someone a “troll”.

        .. hey I get it now, ‘deathventure’ is the troll. (doh!)

        1. Funny funny, it says the amplitude needs to be a bit higher is all, not all media players are created equal, if the headphone output on a laptop would work, odds are that an mp3 player would work as that’s an amplified output, not line level. (The laptop is mentioned towards the end of his article. Trolololol

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