Scratch-built Bottle Cap Coffee Table Pulses To The Music


This isn’t a thrift-store coffee table modified as a craft project. [Dandujmich] built it from the ground-up using framing lumber, bottle caps, plastic resin, and some electronics for bling.

The first step was to see if he had enough caps on hand for the project. It’s hard to grasp how many were used just by looking at it, but the gallery description tells us there’s about 1700 which went into the design! From there he grabbed some 2x4s and began construction. The table legs started with two end assemblies built by doweling the legs to the end cross pieces. From there he cut a rabbit on the side rails and screwed them to the leg assemblies from the inside.

The tabletop includes a frame with a recessed area deep enough to keep the caps below the surface. After spending about ten hours super gluing all of the caps in place he mixed and poured two gallons of the resin to arrive at a glass-like finish. The final touch is some custom hardware which pulses two rows of embedded LEDs to music being played in the room. The video after the break isn’t fantastic, but it gives you some idea of how that light rig works.

[via Reddit]

12 thoughts on “Scratch-built Bottle Cap Coffee Table Pulses To The Music

  1. Not being a carpenter I was interested in what cutting a “rabbit” was. Turns out its called cutting a rabbet. Though I should post this in case anyone else was curious but couldn’t find an answer through all the pictures of skinned rabbits. :)

    1. This comment made me laugh, especially since I know what a rabbet is, but did not know that it actually was not “rabbit” (only ever hear the term, never seen it written down).

  2. Hey guys, dan here.
    Thanks for the feature i just saw this upon googling my name.
    The LEDs look way better in person and actually light up the room if its dark, it’s just i shot that video on my phone which couldn’t do it justice.

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