Real Multifunction “Sonic Screwdriver”

dr who sonic screwdriver

“I don’t understand, you don’t have the technology.” OK, so it’s not actually a futuristic tool with the same capabilities as the one off the hit TV series Dr. Who, but this homemade “sonic screwdriver” is a multifunction device that’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Created around an Arduino Pro Mini, [Gunther] really one-upped the last screwdriver we featured. Built in functions include: brown note tone generator, dog whistle, EMF meter, flashlight, IR universal remote, laser pointer, ohm meter, sound level meter, voltage detector, and a voltage meter.  You can also have an electromagnet or output voltage supply if you want. If that wasn’t enough, it can even play the theme song from Star Wars! Whew. That’s a mouthful of functionality.

Although he has posted the Arduino code, you’ll have to keep an eye on his site for more details if you want to create your own. He’s mentioned that he’s working on blue prints and a full parts list… Awesome. Now where’s that lock pick function?

Check out a video showing off some of the features after the break.

[via Make]

30 thoughts on “Real Multifunction “Sonic Screwdriver”

    1. And the closest thing in reality is too low in frequency, and high in amplitude, to be reproduced by such a small device.

      The capability list is quite impressive! No need to pad it.

    2. I had some tech buddies back in the service who say different. They worked on it.
      The reason everyone says that there is no “Brown Note” is that they aren’t using enough power to see the effects. For a speaker the Army used a series of rapid propane/air explosions in a directional dish to get the insane pressure levels required. The techs said the worst part was wearing the diapers while working on the thing.

        1. Indeed, the dog reaction is a fight flight response which can really make you poop your self , there no way you could control propane exploding to get any kind of accurate frequency.

        2. Mythbusters did not use all that powerful of system. I have worked with the subs shown in that episode and while they sound really nice, and are killer subs for sound reinforcement, they are not capable of what is needed for a brown note.

  1. Props for having at least some function, I agree about the star wars song, but if you look at the code it could have been worse, he programed in the mario theme. now he just needs to make a neat case for it and he can hit the time vortex.

  2. So it looks like a expensive piece of junk… noise and flashlight… cost? Too much for the lack of functions. Not tryin to be mean about it. It is a nice concept but if Im going to spend the money on such a project I would have it do more function and practicality wise.

    1. really? Well don’t spend your money… Do a better design.. and of course; select the Microcontroller, create the program… Select the funtionalities that your Sonic Screwdriver would have… EMF meter, flashlight, IR universal remote, laser pointer, ohm meter, sound level meter, voltage detector, and a voltage meter…. are, as you say: “…a expensive piece of junk… noise and flashlight ” Please do something better stupid

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