14 thoughts on “The construction of an triode, by hand

  1. Please fix the title of this article — it confuses readers :). Video is titled “Fabrication d’une lampe triode”, i.e. fabrication of a triode. “Les electrodes” is the name of first part of the video where electrodes are being made.

  2. This brings back the magic from long ago. You can’t look into a modern integrated circuit or even a transistor and see the working parts of the device (at least not without something to remove the epoxy and a high power microscope system).

    A thermionic valve (electron tube) has three electrodes, a (usually heated) cathode, a control grid, and an anode. A pentode has all that and a suppressor grid and screen grid.

    The common term in French for a valve (or tube) is ‘lampe’ – because it glows.

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