Disrupting Advertisement Agency Workers With Electric Shocks

We hope this project will make you laugh as much as we did. For 4 hours, some Australian advertising executives agreed to be subjected to Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) controlled by people from all over the globe watching their reaction over the Internet. The public could disrupt their day with a click of a mouse. The user simply needed to go online, choose a live stream, click the ‘Disrupt’ button and watch as the EMS instantaneously zapped the volunteers. For each ‘disruption’, the company donated $1 to a local community.

The EMS hardware was designed to deliver up to 60V pulses and controlled using the MIDI protocol. The platform is powered by 8 AA batteries and receives zapping commands via UDP. Unfortunately, the resources can’t be found on the project’s webpage, but you can still have a look at the two videos embedded after the break. The total amount donated during this experiment was $5500!

24 thoughts on “Disrupting Advertisement Agency Workers With Electric Shocks

  1. From the picture, it looks as though if they were connected to the EMS unit arm-to-arm, they were passing a voltage and current (even though it may have been minimal) -through- the heart. Not too bright, to say the least.

    1. Nah, looks like there are two pads on each arm, only passing the signals between the pads on each arm. Path of least resistance and all that. I’ve used TENS units in much the same way, that’s why some have two isolated channels.

    1. “Its an advertisement agency..
      99% chance it’s a fake just to draw attention..”

      No matter how you slice it, there is a 100% certainty that it will always bring out the worst in people, whether it is stimulating sadistic tendencies in people, or lying about it to make some cheap giggle.

      People who work in advertisement are dead weights in civilisation.

  2. They should use this during live debates.
    THAT would be hilarious.
    “And our party promises that we won’t raise taxeZZAAAAAAAP!!… ”

    The amount of electricity the typical Republican or Conservative politician would receive might approach the threshold for electroluminescence a la “glowing pickle”, the voltage and current needs to be regulated.

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