Fubarino Contest: Micro Voltmeter


This collection of hardware is a diy voltmeter. It can measure up to 17V with 1 microvolt resolution while taking seven samples per second. The LTC2400 ADC board is used to make the measurements, with the Arduino processing the output and taking care of the display and user input buttons.

In addition to showing off what the thing can do in the video after the break, [Luis] gives us a look at the easter egg he added to the project. When you have a source that is very precisely 12V, the meter will read out Hackaday.com!

Incidentally the display used in this hack is one we’ve seen before. Obviously this is a convenient way to add interactive controls to your projects.

This is an entry in the Fubarino Contest for a chance at one of the 20 Fubarino SD boards which Microchip has put up as prizes!

6 thoughts on “Fubarino Contest: Micro Voltmeter

  1. Is it just me, or do others think: without the easter egg, this is a very redundant post? HaD shouldn’t post everything it gets as random input; maybe it’s because of the new evil overlords?

    Seems it’s more for the sake of affiliate content to the “new overlords”…it’s not about hacks anymore: it’s purely about checks and balances.

    …HaD didn’t sell out [a long time ago], did they?

  2. The changes at hackaday didn’t come about overnight unexpectedly, in fact it was advertized it was for sale. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t put up, should shut up, IMO of course ;)

    As for this being redundant; nah it’s a hack. The original build was hack to meet the requirement of the contest. I the event this violates published rules of the contest there would be grounds for complaint, if not I refer to my suggestion above. In any event much of this is some of life’s small shit to to sweat, so I’m just poking fun.

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