Bacon Alarm Clock Won’t Burn Your House Down

Bacon Alarm Clock

If you have trouble waking up in the morning then maybe this alarm clock is for you. A bacon-aroma-releasing alarm clock!

Fueled by her love of bacon, Instructable’s user [llopez2005] decided she wanted to try making an alarm clock that would actually get her out of bed, hungry, and ready for bacon. Instead of trying to design a clock that would actually cook bacon — which might be a bit dangerous — she’s found an extract of bacon aroma which she could slowly release instead.

The clock makes use of an Arduino Uno with a RTC shield as well as a LED array for the clock’s display. The “bacon” is actually made out of bake-able clay, which sits on top of unscented wax, infused with the bacon aroma oil. The bacon and “bacon grease” sit in a baby frying pan over top of a small heater element designed for warming candles. Before the alarm goes off, a SSR turns on the element which slowly melts some of the wax, releasing its ever so delicious scent.

What we really like about the clock is the level of detail she put into its appearance. The base is designed after a small wood burning stove they have in the house, and she’s even made a Plexiglas display case for the frying pan — with holes to let the aroma out though of course!

20 thoughts on “Bacon Alarm Clock Won’t Burn Your House Down

    1. I hit the snooze button one time, and there was a wasp sitting right on top of it. Thought I burned myself with a cigarette somehow. Then a few seconds later… YEOW!!!!!!

      Boy did THAT wake me up!!

      Ever since then, I never hit the button, I just ignore it.

  1. I think that is a horrible idea. I can think of nothing crueler than lolling someone into a false sense of bacon, only for the stark reality of a lack of prepared bacon to come crashing down with consciousness.

    Apart from that little criticism, I really like the fake bacon, and that once the wax melts it would look like real bacon frying in it’s own fat. The perspex case could do with a redo though. Perhaps using a bender such as: and flame polishing the edges.

    1. Even if your post is irrelevant to the actual article, bacon is supposed to be a cured meat, the purpose of which is to avoid the need for refrigeration! Most modern bacon isn’t cured properly to allow that though.

  2. I absolutely love it, but you are going to get used to it in a week or so. It’s the curse of being a night-owl. I keep a Red Bull on the side table and chug it when the alarm goes off… I’ve found this to work better than anything else.

  3. The love of bacon in me is strong, but when I was staying in a long term business hotel my room was directly over the kitchen and got the whiff of real bacon (and fake eggs) every morning in huge proportions. Thought I was in heaven for a couple of weeks but for the other 4 months it was nightmarish. Had no effect on long term love of bacon though, only temporary.

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