Makers’ Mountain House Promises Productivity Without Distraction

Maker's Mountain House Retreat

Ever wish you could take your projects with you on vacation? Do you ever take time off from your job just to work on things at home? What if you could combine an actual vacation retreat, with the thing you love most — making? A group of people are starting to plan the Maker’s Mountain House, and it sounds pretty interesting!

Makers Mountain House will be a  mountain retreat and makerspace, whose purpose is to provide time and space for makers to create. Makers Mountain House will be open to the public June through October, and reserved exclusively for makers and artists, November through May.

It’s still completely in the planning stages, but the organizers sound pretty serious about making it a reality. It’s planned for somewhere in Upstate New York (unconfirmed) – so if you’re interested in something like this, do them a favor and fill out the quick survey they’ve posted.

And no – just in case you’re wondering – the picture above is just a stock image of a barn. It is rather pretty though! They plan on having shared work spaces in larger buildings, as well as private cabins for people to stay in.

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23 thoughts on “Makers’ Mountain House Promises Productivity Without Distraction

  1. Ask yourself why “Make” has removed the public comments from its website.
    They’ve done an awful lot of social media campaigns, but can’t stop selling out their readers. Almost all their content now is based on how to assemble plastic crap from a 3rd world country.

    “Maker” is now a euphemism for sucker.

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to Make. I still read it, but had noticed a huge decline in comments. Content usually isn’t as good as it used to be, either.

      1. what happened is make started off a movement and has became a business.

        when it started it was all about the love of making things for no other reason but to make things but as the older staff left and the newer staff came in it became about making money. so hand making things by hand gave way to articles on how to outsourcing to china.

        at least that’s what made me give it up

  2. Not to knock the idea but well….

    From the FAQ:
    “Makers’ Mountain House is a place where makers can spend extended time to work on their projects. Makers’ Mountain House will offer steeply discounted rates (free if possible) to makers to stay on the property, from a few days to a few months, to work on design, prototype creation or other creative processes.”

    The rest of the FAQ is kind of along the same thinking process.

    As much as I want to believe, I get the vibes that someone is trying to get a new home for… well… free……

  3. MUAHAHAHA! SO! My only question is this, how do I move out of the friggin city and start a business doing just this? I want to be able to retire and write off my hobby at the same time. Do I have to join some non-profit organization?

    1. It is very, very easy to start a nonprofit. It is equally easy to start a business. Don’t be fooled. You can do it if you keep your numbers and paperwork in order.

      Yeah, you could retire quite fast if you manage to get enough money to start something like this up (here is a hint- NY state has tax free zones for business, guess why this thing is going to be there). And yeah, you can write off nearly everything if you are a clever business owner. I know one that has written off everything he pays for on a regular basis including cable TV service. An IRS audit bought that as it was required to watch business news programs. Another I know of managed to convince his employer to change his status into an independent contractor, then he put his wife and kids on the payroll, got some federal grants for hiring minorities, and managed to cut his tax burden in half with a weekend of paperwork. Being a business owner can be as simple as saying you are. Being a successful one is easier than graduating highschool and the law will treat you like royalty. They really are a higher class of citizen in the US.

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