New Round Of Astronaut Or Not: Too Cool For Kickstarter


Round 3 of Community Voting has drawn to a close. This time around we had nearly 60,000 votes for 420 projects! The first voter lottery drawing didn’t turn up a winner, but on Friday we ended up giving away the bench supply. We’ll cover the projects with the top votes in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at the voter lottery prize for the new round.

You must vote at least once in this new round to be eligible for the voter lottery on Friday!


We’ve got so many prizes in the package for the fourth round of Astronaut or Not that we’re just showing you a few in this image.

On Friday morning we’ll be drawing a random number and checking it against the Hacker profiles on If that person has voted in this current round, they win. If not, they’ll be kicking themselves (emptyhandedly) for not taking part in the festivities.

This week’s prize package includes:

Now onto the results:

Congratulations to the third round winners of Astronaut or Not!

* 8 of these projects were recognized in previous rounds and already have T-shirts on the way to them. This time around those multiple-winners are awarded the prestige of being on top again. But we’ll just be sending shirts to the 15 projects that didn’t win earlier. Here’s eight that nearly made the top projects in this second round of voting:

20 thoughts on “New Round Of Astronaut Or Not: Too Cool For Kickstarter

    1. It is conflict of interest to eliminate someone from the contest because I think it doesn’t smell right.

      – All I can tell you is that the project have nothing at all, no project logs, no “details” and only a part list.
      -a keyword that is common with the last few kickstarter that have been posted recently twice
      – “green” alternative to the real thing that is same price and same size.
      – details/plans will be released only after crowd funding has ended.

      Yes. In theory it would probably work well. Claim of price is questionable considering what’s inside. Claim of spec is questionable if one have to meet the price target.

      Chances are that it won’t make it past the judges and thankfully HaD readers only give it less than 10 skulls.

    2. Reason why I think it won’t meet price target: lots of regulations in the application area. So for a project that have to apply for crowd funding is going to spend a lot of dollars to do that, so not likely to survive until product reaches volume production a few years if not longer. It has to survive until it can reach that point or its price is so high (which violates the premise” that it won’t reach the volume.

  1. I was trying to vote but I can’t sign in. Reset my password, copied and pasted the new PW and that was “invalid”, too. I was going to leave feedback but I have to log in to leave feedback….

  2. I only get two random projects as voting options. How do I select the project I wish to vote for?

    Also, aside from the VOTE link in the article, I don’t find any way to access the contest information, voting, or projects. Is there a link missing from my browser?

    1. Reload the page (Ctrl-R or F5 perhaps?). I love how it selects some projects over and over and over and over … I think you get my point. I really hate the chose A or B project page. I’d rather be able to see them all and select a few.

      A few of the home automation and security projects are a bit lame. They use a uC and they’ll either automate or secure something (that’s about the extent of the description). Of course I’m not doing any better but I haven’t put up a project.

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