Astronaut Or Astronot: Somebody Won Something!

It’s time once again for our weekly installment of people complaining about our community voting system for The Hackaday Prize! The theme this week – as it was last week – is ‘too cool for Kickstarter’. We’re looking for projects that are so awesome they would never see any mainstream appeal. If you’re still wondering what we mean by that, if this amazing project doesn’t make the top ten in this round of voting, I’ll be terribly disappointed.

Just like last week, we’re trying to give away a goodie bag of programmers, dev boards, and essential bench tools (prize list here) to someone on who has voted for a project that is too cool for Kickstarter.

This week one of you got lucky. Because [Eric] is such a good sport and was kind enough to click a few buttons during this round of community voting, we’re sending him a boat load of dev boards, all the programmers he’ll ever need, a meter that will last him for the rest of his life, and a pretty good power supply. Awesome. Now go congratulate him.

There’s only five days left until the cutoff, so get your project into The Hackaday Prize. At this stage the requirements are extremely minimal, and you can knock everything out in a few hours.

6 thoughts on “Astronaut Or Astronot: Somebody Won Something!

  1. In before the “this contest is rigged, no one wins anything, I refuse to vote, waaaaaaaahhhhh” crowd shows up and turns into the “I didn’t win and I took the time to vote, this contest must be rigged, waaaahhhhhhhh” contingent.

    Congrats, [Eric]!

    1. We have magic elves going through everything. If you’ve entered something and you’re not up to spec, you’re getting an email.

      The one thing I’m worried about is people who are entering the contest, but haven’t tagged their project as TheHackadayPrize. I’ve already caught one project like that. The FPGA VGA & composite card, iirc.

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