Countdown To Finals

There can be only 5.

This Sunday Night we will snapshot the state of the final 50 entries for The Hackaday Prize. Our panel of Launch Judges will then begin the difficult task of choosing the five projects which best exemplify the virtues of the challenge: Openness, Connectedness, Innovation, Wow Factor, Reproducibility, and User Experience.

Want to help your favorite project make the finals? Get in there and take a look at their write-ups. Leave a polite comment on the project page that mentions the parts that are unclear or things you think should be added to the description.

The five who do move on are up for some huge prizes: A trip to space, Milling Machine, a 3D Printer, a trip to Akihabara, and Team Skydiving. Of course we won’t know the order of the finalists or who the Grand Prize Winner is until the final judging round happens at the end of October.

16 thoughts on “Countdown To Finals

    1. I am glad I am not the only annoyed one. I thought it was a cool idea but I am completely underwhelmed by the entries- a model airplane radio, a programmable servo…an erector set quadcopter…common..

        1. What I am saying is, the slogan for the prize is “You build the future, you go to space”. Many of those projects don’t seem like “the future”. The guy who makes 3D printers a household thing is building the future, a gas powered quadcopter does not. I was not expecting to see a guy invent technology to grow meat on trees in Antarctica or the flying car with only a few months of notice, but I was expecting a little more for a prize on this level.

          1. Well, the obvious answer is that your expectations were unreasonable. Not that I blame you, I’m willing to bet most people here are dreamers like myself. In the modern technology landscape, what can maker create that would be world changing? I’m sure there’s some thing out there, but I think we can still a appreciate these projects for the engineering and building skill sets they demonstrate, world changing or not.

        2. Well I’m sure your entry will win then. What ever happened to the maker community being supportive? We’re supposed to build things, not tear each other apart.

          So it isn’t what you expected, none of the entries are that easy to do when you aren’t going to the story to buy it pre-built. Also keep in mind this is also people using their spare cash to do this, which typically doesn’t add up to much.

  1. My free-shirt code doesn’t work. “The number of uses of this code has been exceeded” or something like that :(

    Tried to email The Hackaday Store and that didn’t work either.

    Can someone either fix the coupon code or send me another?


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