9 thoughts on “Perceiving Invisible Forces With An EMF-Detecting Dress

      1. Well, I suppose I have at least 10. I’ve broken a bone in the past, which still acts as a barometric pressure sensor. Less fun than this hack, but possibly more useful.

    1. You would need shoes like tennis rackets. The coil size of a metal detector largely determines how deep it will “see”, so unless you just want to be picking up the tinfoil from RandyKC’s hat when it blows down the beach, yer gonna need *big* feet.

  1. The only EMF she can pick up is electric motors, florescent and mercury lamps, arc welders, power transformers, and possibly atmospheric electrical activity (i.e. lightning). It only has a bandwidth of 20-850 Hz.

    Now if she could make it a near-field receiver that worked up into or near the GHz range now that would be something. Something like a sweeping bug-detector. Radio Shack made a police scanner that could kinda’ sorta’ do that – Pro-83 (http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Pro-83)

  2. Anyone else reminded of sensor netting from ST:TOS episode “Is There in Truth No Beauty?” Sure, this finds EMF, but to direct the blind with these in a fixed setting should be easy.

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