More MRRF, This Time A Roundtable

Ah, you thought we were done with our coverage of the Midwest RepRap Festival, didn’t you? No, there’s still more, thanks to [Timothy Koscielny] sending in some digital assets that were required to put this post together. This time, it’s the RepRap roundtable with [Johnny Russell] from Ultimachine, [Shane Graber] from MakerJuice, [Lars Brubaker] from MatterHackers, [Sanjay Mortimer] from E3D-Online.

The first video covers the introductions for these very prominent 3D printer developers and their views on what future advances in 3D printers will be, the differences between Delta, Cartesian, and Polar bots (there aren’t many), and when resin printers will start to pick up.

In the Q&A session, the panel fielded a few questions from the audience. Questions included how to get people into 3D modeling, an amazing question dealing with what we should be making (with the implication that we’re only making stupid plastic trinkets), and what needs work to bring 3D printing to the masses.

Special thanks to [Casey Hendrickson] from ninety two point three WOWO for MC’ing the RepRap roundtable and to [Timothy Koscielny] for the audio work. This isn’t it, though: I still need to dump a bunch of pictures after the break.

While not really having anything to do with 3D printing, a rep from Angstron Materials was at MRRF. What do they do?

We’re well into the well of disillusionment with graphene. Really, all you need to get on the front page of Wired or their ilk is mention graphene. Yes, space elevators, but there’s so much hype. I prefer to take anything dealing with graphene with a grain of salt. That said, the graphene supercap was probably only 20x30x5mm in volume, and if I can do wolfram alpha right, it has about as many mAh as my phone. My phone is crap, but still…

I have some graphene thermal paste. There may be laboratory tests in the future.

5 thoughts on “More MRRF, This Time A Roundtable

  1. Cool, but datasheet or it didn’t happen.

    The ocean of variables that could kill this, and have killed every other ‘new battery/capacitor technology’, quell all anticipation I might have once had.

  2. Hackaday, you are very welcome to visit our headquarters in Dayton OH and we will show you what is real about graphene – static dissipative thermoplastic polymers without sacrificing mechanical properties, in-plane thermal conductivity substantially better than copper (at much lower weight), barrier properties and … super-capacitors. We don’t have a publicly released data sheet on the graphene supercap, but we do have specs on graphene-wrapped silicon anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

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