Full-size AT-ST Star Wars Build

Think you made a cool tree-house for your kids? Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t think anything can top this full-size 1:1 replica of a Star Wars AT-ST — complete with sound effects and moving turrets! Did we mention it seats two?

Built in his backyard, this AT-ST is constructed of wood, plastic, and sheet metal. On the inside it is decked out with joysticks, display panels, and other knobs and buttons for your imagination to go wild with. It even features solar panels on the roof to power two ventilation fans to keep you cool while daydreaming of blowing up Rebel scum on Hoth.

Stay tuned after the break to see a video of it in action.

And a video inside the cabin. Man this thing is cool!

And if building a full-size replica of an AT-ST is out of your budget, why not build an AT-AT Power supply for your electronics workbench?

[Thanks for the tip Itay!]

30 thoughts on “Full-size AT-ST Star Wars Build

          1. I remember there being one AT-ST mixed in at the feet of the Hoth landing AT-ATs in my Empire comic book which I got within weeks of seeing the film. I was surprised years later to see an AT-ST actually in the film just as in the comic, either a rented VHS or perhaps on TV in the late 80s, but I am sure I would have remembered the AT-ST when I saw it in theatres. Let’s say that 2-3 years later I felt like I had seen a new vehicle in Jedi when I saw AT-STs being destroyed by effing ewoks in rawhide hang gliders. I st that time assumed it was like the smart guns – dwindling ammo scene in Aliens, something extra they stuck in the TV release from the cutting room floor, but memory deceives.

          2. AT-AT (all terrain armored transport) is a huge armored 4 legged Walker depicted on Hoth

            AT-ST (all terrain scout transport). Is a small 2legged Walker used is tight spaces where the ATAT would be impractical, it has less armor however.

  1. I remember being in holidays at my grandmothers and going to see return of the Jedi I was so impressed with the AT-ST I spent the rest of the holidays with a bunch of straws from macdonalds and shoe boxes trying to make one with legs that would perform a walking motion. My intention was to build one I could ride around in – I must have been about 10 at the time. I never got the full size one built but my cardboard and straws leg mechanism gave the right walking action. It couldn’t turn corners but it looked like it could walk if I could have motorised it – where was my 3D printer then …..

  2. Uh.. ME WANT.. Seriously; great job.

    It takes a lot of passion to build something like this and I’m in awe of that kind of motivation.

    The AT-ST is my favorite Imperial vehicle. T-47 is my favorite Rebel vehicle.

  3. If anyone knows how to get ahold of this man I’ll pay $50.000 today ..my son would really love this and were looking for something to go with his ewok treehouse

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