The 2000GB IPod You Wished For In The 00’s Is An ISore

Remember those times we all said that we wouldn’t mind it if the iPod was three times as thick but could store a lot more songs and the battery lasted forever? Well, the I-Sore will let us truly consider our stance on the subject.

The iSore would have definitely made some of us the coolest kids on the yard in Jr. High (or at the engineering office) in the 00’s. At first glance we assumed it would be one of those fancy single board computers packaged with a big hard drive masquerading as an iPod. We were surprised to discover that [jimbone] was performing a classic iPod hack.

The ipod’s back is pried off and discarded. A ZIF to SATA adapter connects it to a significantly larger hard drive. The basic battery is replaced with an 8Ah pack. The USB ports are broken out. For the case there are a few options. There’s a 3D printed case, a wooden case, and even one that looks like a Lovecraftian horror.

[jimbone] claims 100 hours of playtime on a single charge. He hasn’t claimed bulking up a bit from carrying it around, but we can make our guesses.

28 thoughts on “The 2000GB IPod You Wished For In The 00’s Is An ISore

          1. I had the SanDisk Sansa m250 when I was in high school. Must’ve dropped it 50 times and it still worked the last time I tried it. :)

          2. MP3 players? Do people still carry those? I assumed this was just one of those ‘done for the hack of it’ sort of things. Why would anyone not just use their cellphone for this?

          3. Some people work in environments where streaming is not possible, or that do not have the data plans that would support such streaming. Others may have more music than the steaming providers might support without extra charges. Still others might not want to have devices that have to support all the additional apps (which create additional security risks). Lastly, some prefer to have control over their music, instead of “leasing” it from streaming providers.

  1. It’s not a hack but I’ve just replaced the harddrive in my 5g with an sd card adapter with room for 2 sd cards. That will get you up to 1 TB with current sd cards in the original case. I now also have room for a larger battery inside the case which should stretch the battery life to 40-50hrs. Not as cool as article but much more practical in day to day use.

    1. Hahaha. Maybe he stores them as high-quality .wav files.
      2TB is a lot of music. A quick online calculation for 320kbps gave a result of approximately… I don’t know!

      It crashed Chome when I maxed out the parameters. :D

  2. Much easier to use the Tarkan board (see www (dot) iflash (dot) xyz). I’ve brought both of my iPod Classics up to 1/2 TB, and I could easily go to 1TB. The only limitation is the iTunes database size, which maxes out about 50K-60K songs (I’m just under 38K right now).

  3. Neat hack, especially for parties … do you have that so,,, yes I do!
    I guess I would go with iRiver or iAudio as base player because they have better DAC than iPod.

  4. I still have a Rio PMP300 in a box somwhere. 32MB, expandable up to an additional 128MB with a flash card. Could hold one or two CDs worth of music at a time, unless you really dialed the quality down.

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