Feel Extreme Workbench Envy After Seeing The Tempel

For those of us with space to spare, our workbenches tend to sprawl. The others who are more space limited will certainly feel envy at [Love Hultén]’s beautiful Tempel workbench.

The workbench appears at first to be a modern interpretation of a secretary’s desk. There are some subtle hints that it is no ordinary piece of furniture. The glowing model of our solar system on the front, for example.

With the front folded down, rather than the expected leather writing pad and letter sized drawers, a few more oddities become apparent. The back is a pegboard which holds a small selection of tools. To the left, a checkered grid obscures speakers. Knobs control volume There are even USB ports. On the right sits another speaker. Banana jacks let you use the analog voltmeter. Most appealingly, the indestructible Hakko 936 soldering iron has been entirely integrated into the structure of the desk.

If you press the right button on the front, the desk will reveal its last secret. It contains an entire workstation somewhere behind the array of drawers on the front. A linear actuator pushes a computer monitor up from inside the cabinet, covering the pegboard in the back. Awesome.

There is a build log, but unfortunately it’s been imageshacked and only the words remain. We think [Love Hultén] has finally managed to build a soldering station that’s welcome in every room of the house except for the garage.

24 thoughts on “Feel Extreme Workbench Envy After Seeing The Tempel

  1. I like it, though I would need more, and access to my tools and test equipment (oscilloscope, function generator, power supplies, etc.) at the same time as my computer. Perhaps two of these, side by side, would work….

    1. Hahaha, there’s also a band named Tempel.
      For some reason the first link for the build uses ‘Tempel’ almost every time.
      Very strange.

      P.S. Just for fun I like to misspell ‘spelled’ whenever I call someone out. Always hilarious to me. *trollface*

    2. There’s also the remote possibility that not everybody’s from the US/UK/Canada and maybe “Tempel” is exactly how you spell it in Swedish (which is actually where this builder is from). But that would be preposterous, I know! ;)

  2. It doesn’t do anything for me, and the pop-up screen intruding into valuable work area and front dome seem rather pointless.
    Want to build things? There is no substitute for a large well-lit/directably-lit bench with enough space for equipment as well as the project. Oh, and a vice off to one side.

  3. Beautiful. Some might say that the work space is too limited and I do prefer a large work space myself, the benefit of a smaller work space requires you to clean up you work space more often, which is a good thing. And all the little drawers beneath the desk space offer plenty of room for that.

    The solar system on the front is very pretty and a piece of art in itself. The whole style of the design is simply, wow! Great project!

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