HardWino Takes The Effort Out Of Happy Hour

A personal bartender is hard to come by these days. What has the world come to when a maker has to build their own? [Pierre Charlier] can lend you a helping hand vis-à-vis with HardWino, an open-source cocktail maker.

The auto-bar is housed on a six-slot, rotating beverage holder, controlled by an Arduino Mega and accepts drink orders via a TFT screen. Stepper motors and L298 driver boards are supported on 3D printed parts and powered by a standard 12V DC jack. Assembling HardWino is a little involved, so [Charlier]  has provided a thorough step-by-step process in the video after the break.


[Charlier] has also kindly included his Arduino code to further facilitate your happy hour. The best part? This is isn’t even the final product; and yet — this functional prototype can already turn the tables on a long day. Whatever your beverage of choice, make sure it stays as hot or cool as you want with the help of this handy coaster.

5 thoughts on “HardWino Takes The Effort Out Of Happy Hour

  1. It doesn’t have to be just cocktails…
    A customized fruit/vegetable juice mix sounds fun for the weekdays, switches to ‘relaxing beverages’ on the weekend.

    You could create the best iced-tea(s) in the neighborhood with this!

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